The Batman
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Kids WB

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September 11 2004
March 8 2008

Principal CastEdit

Justice LeagueEdit

Recurring CastEdit


Season 1Edit

  1. The Bat in the Belfry
  2. Traction
  3. Call of the Cobblepot
  4. The Big Chill
  5. The Cat and the Bat
  6. The Big Heat
  7. Q & A
  8. The Big Dummy
  9. Topsy Turvy
  10. Bird of Prey
  11. The Rubberface of Comedy
  12. The Clayface of Tragedy

Season 2Edit

  1. The Cat, the Bat, and the Very Ugly
  2. Riddled
  3. Fire and Ice
  4. The Laughing Bat
  5. Swamped
  6. Pets
  7. Meltdown
  8. JTV
  9. Ragdolls to Riches
  10. The Butler Did It
  11. Grundy's Night
  12. Strange Minds
  13. Night and the City

Season 3Edit

  1. Batgirl Begins (Part I)
  2. Batgirl Begins (Part II)
  3. A Dark Knight to Remember
  4. A Fistful of Felt
  5. RPM
  6. Brawn
  7. The Laughing Cats
  8. Fleurs Du Mal
  9. Cash for Toys
  10. The Apprentice
  11. Thunder
  12. The Icy Depths
  13. Gotham's Ultimate Criminal Mastermind

Season 4Edit

  1. A Matter of Family
  2. Team Penguin
  3. Clayfaces
  4. The Everywhere Man
  5. The Breakout
  6. Strange New World
  7. Artifacts
  8. Seconds
  9. Riddler's Revenge
  10. Two of a Kind
  11. Rumors
  12. The Joining (Part I)
  13. The Joining (Part II)

Season 5Edit

  1. The Batman/Superman Story (Part I)
  2. The Batman/Superman Story (Part II)
  3. Vertigo
  4. White Heat
  5. A Mirror Darkly
  6. Joker Express
  7. Ring Toss
  8. The Metal Face of Comedy
  9. Attack of the Terrible Trio
  10. The End of Batman
  11. What Goes Up...
  12. Lost Heroes (Part I)
  13. Lost Heroes (Part II)
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