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Red was a curious 11-year-old boy from Pallet Town. He gained an interest in Pokémon after his best friend, Blue (Pokémon games), stopped playing with him and became a bully. He tried to go out into Route 1 one day when Professor Oak calls the two to his lab for a choice of a Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle the last three Pokémon Oak owns. Red chose Charmander, Blue chose Squirtle to challenge Red to a battle immediately, to test out his new Pokémon, thinking he will easily beat Red. But Red's Charmander managed to beat Squirtle.

After Red has made his way to Viridian City to the north and taken a package back to Oak in Pallet Town, Oak gave Red and Blue each a Pokédex with which to record data on all known Pokémon in the Kanto region. From here, Red and Blue journeyed across Kanto, collecting Pokémon to build up their teams, and defeating each of the Gym Leaders in turn, with Blue always one step ahead, showing up from time to time to impede Red's progress. Red also came across a gang of Pokémon thieves, Team Rocket, several times through his journey, defeated a group of Team Rocket Grunts who were trying to steal Fossils from Mt. Moon, a member who was running the Nugget Bridge challenge to recruit for the organization on Route 24, and another lone member who had stolen a TM from a family in Cerulean City. Eventually, Red uncovered a plot by Team Rocket, infiltrated their hideout beneath the Celadon Game Corner and encountered their boss, Giovanni. Defeating him and ousting Team Rocket from Celadon, Red used the Silph Scope that Giovanni leaves behind to battle Ghost Pokémon and save Mr. Fuji in the Pokémon Tower in Lavender Town, who is being held hostage by a trio of Grunts. Red soon journeys into Saffron City in the heart of Kanto to find it overrun by Team Rocket, who is attempting to take the recently-invented Master Ball from the Silph Co. President, and defeated Giovanni again, ending the group's plots for the time being.

With seven Badges in hand, Red encountered Giovanni for the final time—this time as the Leader of the Viridian Gym, his final obstacle before the Elite Four of the Indigo Plateau. Red defeats him in battle, earning his eighth and final Badge—the Earth Badge—and caused Giovanni to realize that he had no chance at reviving Team Rocket if he cannot defeat Red. He disbanded the organization, and promised to go into solo training to better himself.

Red made it through Victory Road and finally to Indigo Plateau, Red defeated the Elite Four and discovered, to his surprise, that Blue has defeated them before him and is the Champion. Red defeated Blue in the final battle, became the Champion himself, but then continued his training, rather than staying at Indigo Plateau. He encountered an offshoot of Team Rocket in the southern Sevii Islands, lead by Executive Archer, Red reveals with his Earth Badge that Giovanni has disbanded the organization, and, though defeated, the group there intended to revive Team Rocket and bring Giovanni back, having already made plans to force Pokémon to evolve with radio waves. Red continued as a wandering Trainer for three years, eventually making his way to the caves of Mt. Silver, where he trained his Pokémon alone.

Eventually, Ethan, a trainer from Johto who was just challenging the Kanto Gyms arrived at Mt. Silver to challenge Red. Ethan defeated Red he vanished from Mt. Silver, returning every time the Elite Four was defeated again by Ethan.

Years later, Red entered the Champions Tournament of the Pokémon World Tournament in the distant Unova region, but lost to Nate.








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