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Before the Mark of Mastery

Aqua, alongside Terra, was one of Master Eraqus's pupils. Like Terra, Aqua also had a dream of becoming a Keyblade master.

One day, a suspicious man named Master Xehanort arrived and gave Eraqus a new apprentice to work with named Ventus. Terra told Aqua that a new apprentice had just arrived. Aqua and Terra asked Ven why he wanted to train to become a Keyblade master, but this question, as well as a few other questions, troubled Ven so much that he fainted.

Eraqus told Aqua and Terra that the reason Ven fainted was because he lost his memories. Aqua decided to look after Ven. Many days passed, but although Ven couldn't wake up, Aqua didn't abandon him. One day, Aqua saw Ven open his eyes and finally regain consciousness. Overjoyed, she quickly informed a concerned Terra and Master Eraqus.

Since that day, she developed a very close relationship with Ven, acting much like his older sister and becoming very protective of him. A couple years pass, and the three of them forge a strong bond with each other.

The Mark of Mastery

One night, Ven, Terra, and Aqua watched a meteor shower together and she gave them each a Wayfinder, and kept one for herself.

The next day, she took the Mark of Mastery exam along with Terra, and became a Keyblade Master, although Terra failed due to his inability to control his darkness. After Terra and Ven left, Aqua was the last apprentice to be sent by Master Eraqus to bring Ventus back to the Land of Departure. Before she left, Eraqus asked Aqua to keep an eye on Terra, to make sure he is alright, and stays safe from the darkness in his heart. If Terra's heart would become too close to the darkness, Eraqus needed Aqua to bring Terra back immediately.

Castle of Dreams

Aqua arrived at the entrance to the Castle of Dreams and was reunited with Terra. She asked him what he has been up to after hearing about the dark deeds he committed in other worlds. He told her that Master Xehanort is looking for the Princesses of Heart, but is not in this world. Aqua still wanted to look around and headed into the ballroom as Terra left.

After her meeting with Terra, Aqua headed into the ballroom and found out that someone left her glass slipper behind, in the process sensing a notably strong darkness within Lady Tremaine's heart, concerning her greatly. Prince Charming and the Grand Duke decided to tour the kingdom to find the girl whose foot fitted the slipper. Aqua followed them to the Tremaine manor, with the intention of murdering Lady Tremaine before her darkness would hurt anyone, but met the Fairy Godmother, who advised her not to do it, since Light and Darkness must co-exist, something Aqua had not learned from Master Eraqus. The Fairy Godmother tells Aqua that Cinderella has been locked in her room by Lady Tremaine, so that she cannot meet the prince. The Fairy Godmother shrunk Aqua to then size of a mouse to help her rescue Cinderella without being seen by Lady Tremaine. Aqua met Jaq inside and protected him from the Unversed as he carried the key to unlock Cinderella's door. After she was rescued, Cinderella headed downstairs to try on the slipper.

Aqua looked on from the banister, but suddenly grew back to normal size and fell. She was able to distract the Grand Duke long enough for Cinderella to come down. Tremaine broke the slipper to keep Cinderella her servant, but Cinderella pulled out the other one. She went off to meet the prince to the castle, but Aqua heard a scream shortly thereafter. Tremaine and the stepsisters had summoned a giant Unversed, a Cursed Coach, to kill Cinderella. They laugh as it attacks her, but before Aqua can strike the Tremaines, a fire bomb from the Unversed landed on the trio, killing them.

Aqua faced the Unversed and defeated it and saw the reunion of Cinderella and Prince Charming. Aqua, however was still worried about Terra's darkness, but the Fairy Godmother informed her that Terra had helped Cinderella's dream come true, renewing Aqua's hope.

Dwarf Woodlands

Enchanted Dominion

Radiant Garden

Aqua later met up with Terra and Ventus, but the reunion is short-lived as they teamed up to battle a massive Unversed. They managed to defeat it, but things take a turn for the worse. Terra and Aqua began to argue about Master Eraqus's orders, revealing to Terra that she was sent to watch him. Hurt by this, Terra left, and Ventus called Aqua awful, claiming that she has let her new status as a Keyblade master go to her head. He then left to find Terra, as Aqua stayed to contemplate.

After meeting Merlin at his house, Aqua went to the town square and encounters the mysterious Vanitas, who taunted her by inquiring about Ventus and if he has gotten stronger. When Aqua asked what he means, Vanitas attacked, and the pair fought a vicious battle. Aqua emerged victorious, but Vanitas simply left via Corridor of Darkness, while making an ambiguous comment about her being his backup plan. Aqua then resolved to stop Vanitas to protect Ventus and Terra. Ventus then appeared, asking to go with Aqua. At first she is harsh with him and he appeared discouraged. She softened up and tells him she doesn't want to put him in harm's way, and left not long after.

Deep Space

Olympus Coliseum


While in Neverland, Aqua encountered Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, and joined them on their treasure hunt. They later found their treasure chest, filled with wooden swords and Ventus's wooden Keyblade. Peter Pan told Aqua that Ventus left the toy there as he no longer needed it. Aqua then senses someone nearby and went off to investigate. She then encountered Vanitas again, this time with Ventus's cherished Wooden Keyblade. The dark enigma cruelly mocked Aqua's actions and broke the toy in two. Greatly enraged by this, Aqua called him a freak and defeated him again, but was left exhausted by the fight and fainted. She soon recovered and left Neverland.

Destiny Islands

At one point Aqua and Terra came to Destiny Islands and met two young boys by the name of Sora and Riku. Aqua saw the strong bond between the two friends and advised Sora to help Riku if he ever falls into darkness; though she initially intended to grant Sora the power to use the Keyblade, she decided against it upon discovering that Terra had already done it for Riku, not wishing to put the two innocent children through the ordeals she and Terra have faced.

Mysterious Tower

Aqua later encountered an unconscious Mickey drifting in space and took him to the Mysterious Tower, where she heard of Eraqus's death from Master Yen Sid and headed to the Keyblade Graveyard to meet up with Terra and Ven.

Keyblade Graveyard

A short conversation with Ventus took place there, one where he stated that if he did become the X-blade, he wanted the two of them to 'put an end to me.' Aqua appeared horrified, but Master Xehanort made an appearance and explained the history of the Keyblade War. Afterwards they attacked, and a great battle took place. Xehanort held Ven over the edge of a cliff where Aqua can see, he froze and dropped him. However, she manages to catch him. After fighting Braig and Ventus under Vanitas's influence, the X-blade was destroyed and she was flung into the Lanes Between, unconscious. Mickey found her and Ventus drifting there and brought them both to Yen Sid's Tower, where it was revealed to her that Ventus had lost his heart. She took Ven back to the Land of Departure and placed him in a throne. She took Eraqus's Keyblade and transformed the world into Castle Oblivion to keep Ventus safe. Afterwards she said her goodbyes to Ven, fondly stroked his hair, and left. She then tracked down the possessed Terra to Radiant Garden.

Fight with Terra-Xehanort

Failing to bring Terra back to his senses, Aqua fought and defeated Xehanort; subsequently, Xehanort stabbed himself in the chest with his own Keyblade in an attempt to lock Terra out as a horrified Aqua looked on. As Terra-Xehanort fell through a portal into the Realm of Darkness, Aqua dived in after him, but quickly realized that she will be unable to save them both. Instead, Aqua sacrificed her armor and Keyblade to save the dark being that had once been her dear friend, sending him back into the Realm of Light while she remained behind. Now stuck in the Realm of Darkness, Aqua is attacked by several giant Heartless and decided to just allow them to destroy her, but was saved by Terra and Ventus's Keyblades. She was then reminded of the people she's connected to. With renewed trust in her friends, Aqua continued on.

Blank Points

Aqua ended up at the Dark Meridian, where she met Ansem the Wise, who was cast into the Realm when his machine exploded. He revealed that in the Realm of Light, it had been almost eleven years, and he explained the events that have occurred in Aqua's absence, including the actions of Sora. Knowing that Sora will rescue her and her friends, she sheds a single tear, while uttering Sora's name with renewed hope.

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